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Contemporary Square Linked Multi-Stone Necklace


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This leading-edge, star-status young jeweler (the 3rd generation of his family to innovate and to be included in museum collections) has continued his interest in color-block inlay in this spectacular choker. Each square is a painting in itself, with fiery, translucent, opaque, and delicate colors. Actually, the style of the piece resembles a contemporary version of the shell or stone tab necklaces of centuries and decades past.

The artist’s interest in fashion, and creating wearable art, coincide in this fabulous piece. Using a variety of traditional and “new” stones and even Venetian glass and shells, each square is a work of art, and no two are alike. Colors range from densely saturated royal blue lapis to sunshine-luminous amber, with a fabulous range of lights and brights in between. Unusual stones include the luscious pink raspberry rhodonite, at left center, the iridescence of abalone shell at the top left, honey-gold transparency of amber, and various colors of Venetian glass, which has been coveted for centuries. All the materials are natural.

Definitely uptown and urban in appearance, but traditional in inspiration, this gorgeous piece will embellish all your sweaters, shirts, blouses and simple dresses, bringing even a humble turtleneck up to museum status. Dylan’s work is already in museum collections; now you can enjoy one of his splendid pieces for years, before you donate it to a museum in the future.

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise, Natural Coral, Lapis, Abalone, Venetian Glass, and Amber

Length: 17 3/4″Pendant Width: 5/8″ Pendant Height: 2″