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She is the matriarch of the Poblano/Chattin family of extraordinary artists – even though her youthfulness belies the title – and the second generation of celebrated jewelers.

Veronica absorbed impeccable technique and an innovative spirit from her father, the late Leo Poblano, credited with creating modern Zuni jewelry.

She has passed these traits to her equally famous children, Dylan, and Jovanna; all three were featured in a national museum exhibit of contemporary Native jewelry.

Highly regarded – nationally and internationally – and included in museum and individual collections and reference books, her work is on the cutting edge of contemporary.

These earrings are just like her: witty, pretty, feminine, contemporary, but with a nod to tradition.

The silver spirals are ancient signs for the path or river of life. Tiny globules of silver  cling to them like drops of water, especially precious in the desert lands of Zuni.

Richly dark red, natural coral traditionally refers to the land, while turquoise symbolizes  sky and water.

Here, however, the artist has substituted limpid green chrysoprase and double-hued azurite to represent water, sky and green crops.

Azurite is a  combination of lapis and a weathered copper ore; chrysoprase is a gemstone variety of chalcedony, admired and used since the ancient Egyptians.

All the stones are natural, and hand cut and polished.

Her touch of wit shows in the asymmetrical placements of the stones, and the difference in their shapes.

Even the silver spirals are asymmetrical, but everything is balanced and harmonious.

These delightful earrings are easy on the ear, subtly colorful, with tradition hidden in the design and materials.

Affirming Veronica’s reputation, they are both contemporary and traditional, hand fabricated with flawless skill, and insouciantly creative.

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Natural Azurite, Natural Chrysoprase, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver