Contemporary Silver Necklace

Kathy (Elk Woman) Whitman


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An innovative and multi-talented artist, she paints, sculpts in stone and welded steel, and makes jewelry and clothing.

At Santa Fe Indian Market, she won first-place ribbons in all four of these categories in the same year!

Committed to preserving the earth, as well as her culture, she is an avid recycler in her art, as well as in life.

She says, “I’m inspired to be an active participant in the upkeep of Mother Earth by contributing to her healing through the art that I create. By using materials, that are byproducts…for my medium.”

This dazzling abstract necklace is created out of scraps of silver, leftover from other projects, and transformed into a piece of wearable beauty.

A flowing abstraction, the repeated design defies a definitive description, beyond “mesmerizing” and “unique”.

It is entirely abstract, but the emotion behind this piece, as in all of Kathy’s work, is love and gratitude: love of the earth, her Northern Plains heritage, her children and grandchildren; gratitude for all that the universe has blessed her with.

This versatile necklace can be worn at many different lengths, allowing you to adjust it for different necklines.

Linking her passions with her art, Kathy says, “I want to inspire people to reuse, reduce and recycle as well as being proactive in taking care of the sacred Mother Earth.”

In this fascinating necklace, her mission, her esthetic, and her passion have fused into lasting beauty.

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