Contemporary Silver & Cedar Earrings


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Fritz is celebrated for his award-winning jewelry, characterized by highly complex, completely hand-fabricated pieces that often push the envelope of the expected.

His sculptural jewelry designs are a combination of planning and serendipity, resulting in jewelry that excites with its concepts and esthetics.

He is also a sculptor, and this outlook leads to creating dimensional and textured jewelry pieces, that are full of movement.

Endowed with awards from all the most prestigious Native art shows, he is “inspired by the act of creation and is always experimenting” in his art.

These remarkable earrings are examples of all of the above; truly wearable art, characterized by quality materials, creative designs and excellent craftsmanship.

The oval, shell-like tops are silver, cast from natural cuttle bone, which leaves that attractive, pattern of curved ridges.

Like a pearl in an oyster shell, there is a small dome of solid, 14-karat gold at one edge.

This adds a glistening touch that brings around the warm hue of the wooden bottoms.

The bottom is where the unexpected and delightfully creative resides: natural cedar is carved into an oval  with notched edges. (Remember, Fritz is also a sculptor.)

Textured ridges in the silver tops, relate visually to the linear notches in the cedar, uniting the unique combination of materials.

These warm brown “cogs” will swing slightly, with the movement of your head, adding movement, too.

It has been written that “Fritz’s designs focus on color and balance, enticing you to regard the whole work as a single masterful sculpture.

His designs truly break the mold on Native American jewelry with a contemporary stroke that will amaze collectors.” And, delight them!

Unique, extraordinary, fully contemporary, yet hinting at the traditional – shell-like forms refers to water – these earrings are for the adventurous.

And those who look for that special piece of wearable art, which will be a collector’s item for generations.


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Natural Cedar Wood, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


1 7/8" L X 3/4" W | Wood Dangle is 5/8" Deep