Contemporary Sculpture Portrait

Adrian Wall


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A founding member of the Indigenous Sculptors Society, Adrian is also an award-winning musician, glass artist, and jeweler!

However, sculpture is his artistic home, to which he always returns – with breathtaking results, as seen here.

A seamless collection of gracefully curving lines and luscious, rounded shapes, this beautiful portrait was carved from one huge chunk of Utah alabaster.

The serenity of the portrait is matched by the mellow green and earthy browns in the stone.

The alabaster was expertly cut, so that the variations in the stone’s colors harmonize with, and even accentuate, the subject.

Brown seems to form a shadow on one side of the lovely face, sweeping down from her head as if her long hair were falling into an elegant curve.

And that face! Unlike many Native sculptures, there is no harshness or angularity in it, just transcendent beauty, tranquillity, repose,  sensitivity, and innate elegance.

Adrian comes from an unusually handsome family; it is hard to tell if this exquisite lady is a true portrait or a ravishing example of imagination, but beautiful, she is.

The whole sculpture is carved with a refined and restrained hand, complementing the gentle strength of the portrait head.

Sinuous lines form a circular flow, from the head, down to the base, and up again.

With solid areas in the face and hair, the cut-out, tapered forms that swoop around bring a lovely airiness to this large piece, even though substantial in themselves.

In contrast to the soft hues in the sculpture, the base is of black granite, which grounds the piece.

The granite, with some tiny sparks in the blackness, resembles far-off stars in the night sky, adding to the dreamy aspect of the sculpture.

Both alabaster and granite are finished to a caressably smooth surface, delightful to the touch.

Of course, this beauty of form and finish doesn’t just happen; the artist’s experienced skill allows his artistic vision to become reality.

Multi-talented, multi-awarded, this artist seemingly can create beauty in any medium.

This delicate but strong vision is one of his finest works.

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