Contemporary Rosarita Bolo

Duane Maktima


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Duane Maktima is a highly respected, top award-winning contemporary jeweler, accorded the honorific of “Master”.

He is praised for his singular designs and meticulous workmanship, as well as his generous mentoring.

He says that he is an “advocate for the continuation and survival of the cultural arts within (his) native heritage of the southwestern pueblo people.”

His work is in distinguished collections, both private and public, all over the world.

In this superb bolo, his creative and technical gifts, as well as his artistry, have triumphed once again.

The base of the piece is sterling silver, with a sleek, concave shape that glistens in the light.

Set high, and beveled at the edges, deep scarlet rosarita is accented with a lighter, orange form of the material, as well as black jade and Kingman turquoise.

Slender spacers of gleaming 14-karat gold separate the stones, which are all natural, and of the highest quality.

Rosarita is a natural byproduct of gold mining, and is no longer produced, since refinement methods have changed.

It is, therefore, a unique and rare material, as well as a remarkably beautiful one.

Here, the design suggests an abstract face, but can also be seen as merely geometric.

The stones are inlaid so perfectly, that they feel as one with the rosarita.

Aside from the richness of its hue, the texture of rosarita is smooth, glassy, and glossy.

Tips for the bolo are equally unique and creative: slender and tapered, they have include a flattened and textured band, and end in a flattened, highly polished round bead.

Even the fastening on the back of bolo is hand-wrought silver, in a figure-eight form.

The back of the bolo is completely textured; a little surprise contrast with the glacial smoothness of the front.

Restrained in size, this splendid bolo is monumental in rarity and quality of the materials, beauty of the design, and excellence of the hand fabrication.

This bolo is a wonderfully representative of Duane Maktima’s distinguished, distinctive, and exquisite work.

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