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She and her husband, Joe Cajero, Jr, were named “Living Treasures” recently, but Althea is an award-winning artist on her own, as well.

This very innovative piece is a departure, although it retains her favorite cuttlebone cast silver and superlative stones.

Ingenious in design, this is both a fabulously contemporary ring – and a lovely, modern pendant!

As a ring, it covers the fourth and pinkie fingers, horizontally, in surprising comfort – and spectacular style.

Hang it from beads, heishi, or whatever, and it is a handsome, vertical pendant. Voila, a day/night jewelry wardrobe, in one.

The gorgeous stones are a natural, deep red coral oval, and a superb, natural, black South Seas pearl with the coveted “peacock” iridescence.

These magnificent stones both originate in the ocean, as does the cuttlefish, whose imprints are on the sturdy silver.

The materials, and the wave-like pattern of the cuttlebone cast, all refer to water, the most precious element in the high desert.

With this allusion to the source of all life, the ring/pendant is more than just a jaw-dropping contemporary masterpiece – it symbolizes very, very good luck.

Good looks, good luck, and a reflection of your adventurous good taste – by a prize-winning artist.

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2 1/4"



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6 1/4


Natural Black Pearl, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver