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Contemporary, Reversible Naja


A reversible naja, contemporary in form, with a sublime turquoise and rounded, polished silver on one side; all-over, elaborate silver chasing on the other. Wearable both ways.

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You (or someone you know and care about ) are a stylish, contemporary woman with a dramatic flair…but sometimes, your more traditional side comes through, and you revel in frills and lace. This remarkable pendant is just for you! Shane Hendren, rodeo champion, activist for Native artists’ rights, and incredible, multiple award-winning jeweler, seems to know that women are multi-faceted.

Beautifully lustrous and voluptuous silver flows into an updated naja form, with a glittering silver ball on each end. A gorgeous, natural turquoise almost fills the center space. It has luminous depths, like a clear tropical sea seen from above. The plain bail is large enough to slip over beads or strands of heishi, a wide silver collar, or whatever pleases you. This is the sleek, modern side.

Turn it over, and the hidden Victorian sensibility emerges, with the daintiness and intricacy of a bygone age. Graceful arabesques coil around each arm of the naja, ending with partially seen large petals  – or sun rays? In the center, a lovely wild rose is etched, and at the top, a matching, partial flower – or, a rising or setting sun. There is a frame of tiny chiseled lines all around the edge of the piece and the central flower, adding to the exquisite delicacy of the design.

So, yin and yang, to match the different sides of the modern woman – and utterly beautiful in every way.

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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 3/4" long x1 5/8" wide, Bail is 3/8" diameter, Turquoise is 5/8" long x 3/8" wide