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Contemporary Pietersite Bolo


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Tim’s work has usually been in the same, impeccable, overlay tradition as his mentor’s, Chalmers Day.

This outstanding, minimalist style is a recent evolution, but just as meticulously executed.

Sleek and understated, the silver is kept unadorned, except for triple lines, chiseled close to one edge.

This keeps our eye on the mysteriously compelling pietersite stone, raised above the bolo’s base, in a chiseled and toothed bezel.

Pietersite is a rare relative of tiger’s eye, and was found and named in Namibia, southern Africa.

It is usually blue-grey, with characteristic swirls of other colors, resembling a stormy sky.

Here, it looks like the night sky, illuminated by hidden moonlight, or city lights, behind clouds.

The long, tapered teardrop form of the stone works well with the vertical shape of the silver.

The deeply carved scallops of the bezel reiterate the chiseled lines at the side, and add another touch of minimalistic decoration.

Keeping with the svelte look of the bolo, the tips are long cylinders, etched only with double, horizontal lines at the base.

Distinctive, elegant, and contemporary, this bolo will preside at meetings, go out to dinner, even to formal events, and happily spend casual weekends, too.

Flawless workmanship and a fascinating stone combine for maximum effect, in the hands of this masterful artist.



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Hand-Braided Leather, Natural Pietersite, Sterling Silver


Bolo is 2 1/2" L x 1 1/2" W | Tips are 2 1/2" L x 1/4" Diameter | Cord is 44 1/4" L