Contemporary Narrow Bracelet


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Precision, innovation and intricacy are characteristics of this artist’s work.

Impeccable workmanship is wedded to a personal design vision that no one else can or does replicate.

Trained in engineering and draughtsmanship, he meticulously works out his designs to scale, on graph paper, before doing the three-dimensional version.

Unusually, Eugene meticulously makes each component by hand, however small: Each silver filament, every little dot – everything – is fabricated by hand, from scratch.

No one else makes jewelry remotely like his, and Eugene doesn’t make very many pieces, so his work is really special.

This delicate cuff displays an intriguing interplay of shapes, textures and color: triangles, squares, circles, gleaming silver and gold, and vibrant touches of red coral, midnight blue lapis, and brilliant blue turquoise.

The attention to detail is amazing. The silver band of the cuff is flat on the outside, but rounded on the inside, so it slides comfortably on your arm.

Notice the tiny domes, the repeated chiseled lines, and the masterful play of minute textured areas and glistening polished ones.

Eye-catching, but dainty, it will enhance your work, as well as your non-work, wardrobes, with fascinating, original design, beautiful stones, and fastidious workmanship.


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