Contemporary Naja with Lapis

Gene Billie


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In Gene’s own words:

“I aspire to obtain the impression that less means more. Many of my creations show the simple flow of formation. As I gain more knowledge further into different subject matter and techniques, I aim to explore and challenge myself in creating art and everyday living. I believe collectors of the art world will greatly appreciate and capture my Contemporary Art with Indigenous and Traditional uniqueness.”

Though uncomplicated in design (less means more), this beautifully fabricated naja flows from the top, around both sides, to the tips that frame the stunning Lapis cabochon dangling in the center (the simple flow of formation), and leaves the admirer wanting for nothing more than it’s sweet, yet complete simplicity (Contemporary Art with Indigenous and Traditional Uniqueness).

Gene truly lives his words through his creations!

The stamped, appliqued top piece leads you around both sides to the arrowheads on each tip (power and protection), while the Lapis hangs gracefully, almost floating, allowing the wearer to enjoy a pop of rich blue. Naja means “crescent” in Dinè (traditional Navajo language), and there is no known traditional symbolism attached to this shape.

This is a work of beauty for you to enjoy on a chain, leather, or even dangling from handmade beads with a casual or dressy look, and you can be sure that you will hear “oohs” and “ahhs” as soon as it’s noticed!


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