Contemporary Micro-Inlay Yei Ring

Carl and Irene Clark


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The foremost bibliography of Indian jewelry artists bluntly declares: “Carl and Irene Clark are among the greatest Indian jewelers in history.”

The fame of their incredibly tiny, mosaic inlay pieces is world-wide. In museums, and on individuals, their work is proudly exhibited and worn.

Their pieces contain hundreds, if not several thousand, minuscule pieces of various natural stones, of gem quality.

This extraordinary ring features a favorite theme, the Navajo Yei figure. The artists have arranged their micro-mosaic stones in a rainbow palette.

One side of the angular shank is set with the deep, gorgeous hues of sugilite and lapis. Then it seamlessly moves into the luscious reds and pinks of coral, sliding into sky-blue turquoise.

Against a light-colored background of pale turquoise and mother of pearl, that blends into dark red coral, the Yei figure itself is composed of lapis, turquoise, red coral, and jet, with accents of mother-of-pearl and turquoise.

Look at the close-up photo to see how minuscule are the individual, inlaid pieces, and how detailed.

Every little line, every little square of natural stones, is cut and set by this gifted couple.

The inlaid figure is offset, wrapped across one side of the top of the ring. The base is lustrous, beautifully polished silver.

Despite the squared-off angles of the top of the ring, the inner surface, that holds the finger, is rounded, for comfort.

In terms of style, design, execution and materials, this ring is up to the highest standard of the Clark’s legendary work. A museum piece you can wear now!

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