Contemporary “Mic” Ring


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The “Mic” ring, as it has been dubbed by the artist himself, has become a hallmark for the young and talented Shawn Sheyka.

In a style and fashion that is uniquely his own, Shawn has taken a beautiful piece of onyx and overlaid it with sterling silver mesh, to create the look of a microphone. A clear resin has been applied over the top of the mesh to add shine and sturdiness to the construction.

We have seen these rings from him in various shapes and sizes, but none quite like this beauty.

Here, not only has Shawn beautifully created the microphone as the center of the ring, he has added a bit of flare to the side in the form of a bright blue turquoise stone.  While he was unsure of the mine, it looks to us to be either Morenci or Sleeping Beauty, though we can’t say for certain.

The shank is made of sterling silver, with molten silver drizzled over the sheet silver that was used to create the band, causing a raised, abstract pattern that adds depth to the piece.  Then, to add even more intrigue to the already beguiling piece, the artist has taken 14 kt gold and melted it into an imperfect line intersecting the drizzled silver.

The shank is adjustable, making this ring easy to wear all year long, whether you are at home or traveling as our hands tend to swell at times!

Comfortable to wear, and very versatile, this ring is a showstopper, and is sure to impress!

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Black Onyx, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold

Ring Size

8 3/4


Face is 7/8" Diameter | Turquoise is 1/2" L x 3/16" W | Shank is 3/8" W