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Contemporary Inlay and Tufa Cast Buckle


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An acknowledged master of tufa casting, this younger jeweler has already won the most prestigious award in the world of Indian Art: Best of Show at Santa Fe Indian Market. He is equally and gloriously at home with finely detailed traditional motifs, or – as here- the most sublime minimalism.This buckle exhibits his characteristic refinement and elegance. Darryl goes out to Hopi country to buy the superior tufa found there. The difference can be seen in the extra-fine texture of his work. This slice of beautifully finished silver is polished around the edges, and gleaming strips of 14-karat gold add a subtle touch of warmth to the icy silver and turquoise palette. Some of the natural turquoise has a graphic matrix pattern that mimics the smaller scale tufa texture. Plain blue turquoise offers a clean, solid contrast. It is placed to balance the slivers of gold – a small point, that adds to the zen-like serenity of this buckle. Even the belt attachments are hand made, and both tufa cast and polished.Despite the outstanding design and workmanship, and the obvious elegance, of this refined buckle, it is very wearable; at home with jeans as well as belted sweaters, dresses, dress suits – even shorts. Enjoy it today, enjoy the heirloom tomorrow.

Sterling Silver, Black Jade, Natural Lone Mountain Turquoise, Natural Indian Mountain Turquoise, 14k Gold

Width: 3 5/8″ Height: 1 5/8″