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Contemporary Inlaid Angular Bracelet


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Voted national “Indian Artist of the Year” by his peers, his superb artistry is evident in this luxurious piece. Heavy sterling silver and gem quality, natural turquoise, lapis and jet combine in Naveek’s signature (and secret) method of laser-cut inlay. With an art deco flair, this dramatic design is all about angles and triangles, from the double-triangle chevron shape of the center, the beveled and inlaid individual stones, the v-shaped silver channels, and the triangular silver rows of the cuff.The drama here is dynamic, yet harmonious, since all the elements relate to each other. The striking use of substantial silver v-shaped bars, along with the accents of jet, lend a skyscraper-modern allure to the bracelet. The gentle aqua of the natural turquoise is daylight to the midnight blue of the lapis, which is sprinkled with tiny sparks of pyrite – like a far away constellation. The details add up to a masterful design by a master jeweler, one that combines the esthetic visions of his heritage – the Navajo love of heavy silver and gorgeous stones, together with the restrained opulence and perfect proportions of the Greeks. A striking accessory to casual clothes, this bracelet is also as festive as New Year’s Eve – depends on what you wear with it. Year-round, tasteful glamor on the wrist.


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Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise, Lapis, Jet

Cuff Size

5 3/8"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 3/8"


1 5/8"