Contemporary Incised Polychrome Pot



Dominguita Sisneros-Naranjo is the daughter of Tomasita Reyes Montoya, one of the original seven artists who revitalized the old and innovated the contemporary polychrome incised style of pottery.

At 78 years old, Dominguita is still producing pottery with the deeply carved incised designs and pueblo imagery she is known for.

This remarkable pot is a testament to this artist’s immense skill.  Deeply carved, curved lines are stippled with texture and outlined with white slip, creating a beautiful contrast between the smooth warmth of the red clay. These arcs represent rainbows, a sign that there has been rain.  Just below that is a deep, turquoise line representative of the sky and of water, both a source of blessings for Pueblo people.

At the bottom are deep red mountains, again outlined in white.  Everything about this stunning bowl is about balance in nature, and nature’s blessings.

And of course, this pot is hand-built from hand-gathered clay and made with the love and traditions passed down from generations.

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4 3/8"


8 3/4"


Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slips