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Contemporary Hopi Wedding Vase


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Granddaughter of Joy Navasie, this fourth generation of the celebrated Frog Woman pottery clan keeps to the tradition of her famous family.

Pleasingly plump, the nicely formed pot glows with the typical Hopi creamy-colored clay. The surface has been burnished to a deliciously smooth texture, and the traditional Hopi bird design painted over that, with vegetal color.

Of course, the clay has been gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed, and painted, by hand. The flowing design beautifully complements the curvaceous form.

Strictly traditional, the combination of simple form and seemingly abstract design allows this lovely piece to fit comfortably into any setting, including contemporary.

Engagement, wedding and anniversary dates coming up? A copy of how the wedding vase is used in  Pueblo ceremonies is included with every wedding vase.

Width: 6″ Height: 9″

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Natural Clay, Natural Pigments


9" H x 6" diameter