Contemporary Heishi Necklace

Charlene and Frank Reano



A renowned, prize-winning jeweler, she collaborates with her husband, Frank, in creating masterful, innovative jewelry.

Their work is modern, if not contemporary, but firmly rooted in the age-old heishi and lapidary work Ke-wa Pueblo  is known for.

Charlene does most of the designing and cuts and places the tiny mosaic pieces. Frank grinds the shell and does the silver work (where applicable).

Here we have five (5) strands of sleek, perfectly regular black jet heishi, livened up with bits and pieces of various shells and stones, even some tiny beads.

What sets this handsome necklace apart, are the mini-mosaic, inlaid squares that add a syncopated, three-dimensional, and utterly unexpected silhouette to the heishi.

Each little square is composed of tiny pieces of various stones on all six sides, not just the edges!

Teeny squares of iridescent abalone shell and luminous mother of pearl add glints and flashes, here and there, along the strands.

Red, orange, purple, spiny oyster shell fragments, along with turquoise, white clamshell heishi, and more, create a carnival of festive color on the glossy jet strands.

Each inlaid square has a defined pattern of rich color, in a small, intricate scale; each side is different, but in harmony with the rest of the necklace.

Sophisticated, but lighthearted, this wonderful necklace will add vibrant color to so many different outfits.

With its casually chic look, you will wear it over and over, and it will soon amortize nicely.

Light on the neck, it is delightful to wear, as well as to see.

Another fabulously inventive and spectacular piece, by these legends of mini-mosaic inlay.

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