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Contemporary Green Pendant


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Brilliantly innovative, Dylan’s work rated him inclusion to a national museum show of cutting-edge jewelry, before he turned 30.

He follows in the footsteps of his legendary grandfather, Leo Poblano, who “broke the mold” of historical Zuni jewelry styles, and his equally noted mother, Veronica.

All the Poblanos were/are inspired to create jewelry that is contemporary, but faithful to historic Zuni lapidary tradition.

This serene pendant is firmly in that tradition, although it may not seem to be.

Dylan is acclaimed for his distinctive, contemporary sensibility – and for his fine workmanship.

Here, the Zuni tradition of fine stone work continues, in the extraordinarily smooth inlay.

Rub your finger over the surface; the pendant feels seamless, like a solid block of polished stone.

Neatly boxed in sterling silver, the hand cut and inlaid stones honor the long tradition of Zuni  jewelry, but in a totally 21st-century way.

With its symphony of greens, this pendant could be called ecological! Dylan is known for his sophisticated and wry sense of humor, so…..

Limpid green opal is featured, contrasting its tranquil translucence with an angular swath of deepest green jade that juts across the surface.

A small triangular shape of chrysoprase adds a touch of gentle aqua to the mix. The design is like an abstract painting.

The artful combination of hues, and depths of color is typical of Dylan’s creativity. The incredible workmanship, is also.

With a young sensibility, tuned in to fashion, our time, and the future, this consummate artist, nevertheless, is grounded in his culture and its past.

The pendant is attached on two corners to a fashionably long silver chain; it will not flop around, but always put its handsome face forward.

Mesmerizing color, unusual stones in an exceptional design, and perfect workmanship, make this chic pendant necklace certain to be in another museum exhibit, one day.

For now, enjoy its creative beauty, as you wear it every day.

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Opal, Chrysoprase, Green Jade, Sterling Silver


Pendant is 1 1/8"Square | Chain is 36" L