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Contemporary Gold and Silver Buckle


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His work is recognized for its elegance, simplicity, and timeless appearance.

Each piece exudes quality and refinement of technique, as well as of design.

This unusual and handsome buckle is a fine example  of Herbert’s precise and elegant work.

Against a gleaming, tapered form of polished and chiseled sterling silver, a few glittering areas of overlaid gold stand out.

The design emphasizes the tapered form: it is based on the play of straight lines.

Some are chiseled, some stamped, with one bold, gold square.

That stamped band of gold slashes diagonally across, accentuating the shape of the buckle.

The combination of gold and silver is luxurious and refined, but this buckle could dress up a good pair of jeans, as well as a dress suit.

And it would look just as handsome on a lady, as on a man.

Impeccable in design and execution, it is beautifully understated, despite the grandeur of the materials.

This buckle can take care of your entire wardrobe, splendidly.


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14k Gold, Sterling Silver