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Contemporary Glass Figure


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Some people are so talented that their gift cannot be contained in just one medium – or even, two. Winner of major awards for stone sculpture, professional musician on multiple instruments, maker of jewelry, and now important glass artist, Adrian Wall seems to have no limit to his creativity. His latest work is a series of delightful figures that combine bright and happy colored glass with iron-work. The inspiration seems to be both petroglyph figures – those pre-historic stick figures etched into rock faces all over the southwest – and ceremonial dancers. The result is a gloriously vivid sculpture whose upbeat colors and charming naivete will delight you every day.This figure has two eagle feathers in the headdress (tablita), and a series of water signs on the rectangular body. The eagle feathers represent prayers; the water creatures represent what is prayed for, i.e. enough water to raise healthy crops. All good luck.With a combination of densely opaque and beautifully colored glass and iron, this happy figure is guaranteed to brighten your home and your spirits.

Hand-Formed Glass, Iron

Width: 15 1/8″ Height: 16″ Depth: 4″