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Contemporary Free-Form Earrings with Turquoise Diamonds


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The matriarch of the Poblano/Chattin family of extraordinary artists – even though her youthfulness belies the title – and the second generation of celebrated jewelers, absorbed impeccable technique and an innovative spirit from her father, the late Leo Poblano.

Highly regarded – nationally and internationally – and included in museum collections and reference books nationwide, her work is on the cutting edge of contemporary.

These elegantly exuberant earrings are characteristic of her meticulous and free-spirited work.

Sterling silver, rounded wires form an organically shaped, angular web, with three small domes of silver on each, to enhance the shimmer.

The syncopated silver design is the armature for a series of exquisite diamonds of natural, highest quality turquoise.

Each perfect little turquoise diamond has to have been hard enough to cut and bevel by hand, without crumbling and without any hardening agent.

The color of the turquoise is an exhilarating brilliant blue, which adds to the aura of animated zest.

As syncopated as a jazz riff, and so comfortable to wear, these earrings are, however, a serious work of the jeweler’s art.

They are abstract sculptures that will flatter you, and enhance all sorts of clothing, from the most casual to nights at the theater or opera.

Those in the know will be impressed; others will just be impressed by their delightful look.

Future museum pieces from this extraordinary jeweler.

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Sterling Silver, Turquoise