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Contemporary Eye-Dazzler Seed Pot


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Brian’s forte is fine-line painting, a traditional signature of Acoma pottery.

But this gifted potter also works with many historic elements, as well.

This seed pot shows the variety and precision of his work.

It incorporates an array of traditional patterns, in a typical palette of natural materials, arranged into a vibrantly animated design.

A fine-line sunburst adorns one side. Fine lines symbolize the blessing of rain, so a sun design in fine lines refers to the ideal balance of nature.

Other designs are plant motifs, the desired result of enough rain and sun.

The checkerboard design is a contemporary variation, that dramatically sets off the fine-line sunburst.

No matter which angle or side is viewed, this seed pot reveals a dynamic, pulsating design.

The patterns beautifully complement the globular shape of the seed pot, and also refer to the erstwhile function of a seed pot: to keep seeds safe over the winter, to use when the new planting season begins.

Sun, rain, plants, equal happiness, good health and abundance.

In this handsome seed pot, beauty and artistry are added to the mix.

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Natural Clay, Vegetal Pigment


3 1/4" high, 3 3/4" diameter