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Contemporary Eye-Dazzler Olla


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This artist is renowned for her pottery skills, especially her exceptional painting.

The combination of thin walls and intricate painted designs makes her work visually stunning and has resulted in many, many awards.

Hand coiled of hand gathered clay, this jar is an intricate study in squares, brilliantly composed.

Frederica’s signature variation of the traditional Acoma fine-line pattern is to substitute tiny squares, that separate the painted lines.

These cover the body of the piece in various colors and configurations.

Divided into separate areas by stepped red and black lines that symbolize rain, the theme is water, specifically rainstorms.

Plant-derived black pigment forms squares, in an angular variation of the cloud, wind and/or spiral of life pattern, above and below the large area in the center of the olla.

Around the neck of the piece, eight rows of larger squares, in white, black, red, pink, and taupe, are arranged in vertical bands, by color.

This allows the eye to rest a bit, from the dazzling pattern of the teeny tiny squares, while maintaining the overall design.

Red clay slip is mixed with white, for the pink; black pigment mixed with white clay slip, for the greyish taupe.

The base clay is the pure white of Acoma and vicinity.

The squares are formed by minuscule strokes of the wild spinach paint and the other colored slips.

Her distinctive designs have been likened to crossword puzzle grids and computer print-outs, as well as to op-art.

Whatever the association, this jar is gorgeously dramatic, meticulously formed and painted – all by hand.

This is gorgeous, a fabulous example of her celebrated style, which has been impossible to imitate.

Enjoy this beauty –  and your descendants will, too

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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip, Vegetal Pigment


6 " high x 5 1/2" diameter