Contemporary Enameled Necklace


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A prize-winning Shawnee jeweler, her childhood was spent in New Zealand and her training in New Mexico, where she now lives and works.

These multi-cultural, multifaceted influences have resulted in a very beautiful, very individual style: characteristically feminine, elegant, and intricate, like this exquisitely wrought necklace.

Dangling from a hand wrought, brushed silver chain of little rectangles and linking rings, a unique pendant displays a variety of stones, shapes, and other materials.

The center of the textured silver oval is a stunning, rich green, with nine little spokes shooting off all around it.

The beautiful, shiny green is enamel, painstakingly applied to a natural conch shell, into which tiny holes have been drilled.

Each little spoke is different, with a different stone or silver shape at the ends, and different chiseling, or none, on the arms.

A chiseled and textured “doughnut” permanently attaches the pendant to the chain.

Then, in a clockwise direction, are: a tiny boxed square of silver; a horizontally set natural garnet, glowing like a ruby; a round, all-silver “hatbox” shape; a lime-green, natural tourmaline, also set horizontally; a long sliver of natural abalone shell, dangling freely at the bottom; a plain silver, boxed rectangle; a similar, polished silver triangle; and lastly, a horizontally set oval of natural, deep blue lapis.

The design is a beautiful harmony of straight lines, curves, and contrasting textures and colors, all in a delicate scale. Every bit is laboriously hand fabricated.

This necklace is simply remarkable: Unusual and arresting in materials, one-of-a-kind in design, and impeccable in workmanship, it can easily go from work to dinner, lunch to lecture, shopping to school.

Wearable every day, in every way, as well as extraordinary, it will look outstanding (in an understated way) for generations.

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