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Contemporary Dangle Earrings


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Another, younger jeweler emerges from the multi-generational Eustace family! Kali is the 17-year-old daughter of Jolene Eustace, one of the best-known and most honored of the many Eustace artists in her generation. Given the ruggedly darkened silver and hand-cut stones, Kali is following beautifully in her noted mother’s footsteps, but with a stylish gait of her own.The tapered forms of natural, blue turquoise are set in darkened and textured silver that repeats the shape of the stones. A flat disk of 18-karat gold sits at the point of the dangles. A hammered circle holds the pendants and echoes the circular form, while little gold domes carry the warm gleam up to the top. Textured half circles form the top of the earrings, each with little notches that subtly repeat the triangular forms of the dangles.Flattering, dramatic, unusual, and ruggedly chic, these earrings fit in perfectly with our casual way of life, but go uptown, as well – it all depends on what you wear. A new, gifted Eustace is launched, and you can say not only “I knew her when….”, but “I recognized her talent right away!” And enjoyed it.

Sterling Silver, Turquoise, 18K Gold

Dangle Length: 1 3/4″ Width: 1 1/4″ Type: