Contemporary Color-Block Ring


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Dylan Poblano is widely known for his distinctive, contemporary sensibility – and for his fine workmanship.

He has brought Zuni jewelry far from its traditional needlepoint styles, going even further than his legendary grandfather, Leo Poblano, who “broke the mold”, and his equally noted mother, Veronica.

Brilliantly contemporary, Dylan’s work rated him inclusion to a national museum show of cutting-edge jewelry, before he turned 30.

Fashionable, and flawless, too, this ring is a marvelous example of his unique vision and traditional skill.

Vivid blue, and teal, natural, turquoise stones have been cut, beveled, polished and inlaid into silver.

They seamlessly abut a triangular stone of natural sugilite, equally cut, beveled and polished. The combination of vibrant, and richly deep, colors is dazzling.

Running your finger over the face of the ring, without looking, you would never guess there was more than one, solid stone; that’s how incredibly perfect the inlay is.

But that is only the stone inlay work; look at the thickness and design of the silver.

Boxed silver forms two distinct bands, holding the face of the ring. Each one is merely a semi-circle, but, soldered together, they encircle your finger.

One half-shank is wider than the other, which contributes to the dramatically asymmetrical design.

Yet, from the front, the ring appears symmetrical; an equal space on either side of the inlaid stones is flanked by the little square shapes of the ends of the narrow shank.

These repeat the square form of the inlaid face, although the sugilite slashes up from one corner like a shadowy mountain against a brilliant blue sky.

Polished to a glistening shine, the silver, with its fascinating construction and design, is a striking component of this fabulous ring.

Gorgeous color, exceptional design, and perfect workmanship make this ring more than special – it is a future part of a museum retrospective exhibition, for sure.

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Inlaid Natural Sugilite, Inlaid Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

6 1/2


Front is 3/4" L x 3/4" W | Inlaid Stone Face is 3/8" square | Shank is 1/8" W x 1/8" Thick