Contemporary Circle Ring

Dylan Poblano


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A fun, fashionable, and flawless example of why this younger artist is noted for witty, creative, contemporary, and fashion-forward jewelry.

Included in a major national museum show before the age of 30, he follows his renowned grandfather and mother, Leo Poblano and Veronica Poblano, in bringing Zuni jewelry into the modern age.

A marvelous example of Dylan Poblano’s distinctive, contemporary sensibility – and of his fine workmanship – this ring is a piece of wearable art, and comfortable to wear, too.

For all the novelty of the design, it refers to tradition: The overlapping series of circles suggest the sun motifs of old; the squiggly line symbolizes a river.

Circles also refer to drops of water, as seen in the inlaid deep purple, natural sugilite, as well as the series of circles.

Water, the source of life, is especially precious on the high desert of Zuni lands.

Meticulously hand fabricated, creatively designed and stylistically stunning, this ring actually incorporates age-old Zuni symbolism in a chic, space-ship esthetic.

That is the mark of this artist’s immense and unique gift.

Sure to evoke admiration everywhere in the world, this wonderful ring epitomizes the look of the best new Native jewelry – avant-garde, with strong roots in the past.

If it is too big for your ring finger, make another finger your “ring finger” for this work of art.

(The great Charles Loloma always contended that the middle, and index fingers were where rings showed up the best.)

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