Old Style Contemporary Bowl With Bird


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Joshua Madalena, current governor of Jemez Pueblo, rediscovered their ancient style of pottery when he managed the pre-historic ruins at Jemez State Monument, around 2000.

In 2005, Jemez Black-on-White was reintroduced to the art market, at Santa Fe Indian Market, after a 300-year absence.

The original method of making this kind of pottery was lost, when the Spaniards reconquered the area, in the 1600’s.

Since then, the artist has created pieces that replicate the old black and white style, but – as – here – with his own, modern designs.

A striking design consists of stepped rain and kiva motifs, together with pictograph-like figures, raindrops, angular storm spirals, ladder-like elements… and a lovely, three-dimensional bird.

The distinctive appearance of this ancient style is achieved by overcoming the challenges of balancing air and fuel, in the pit-firing, for the desired look.

Now, you can enjoy this charming dish, as old as three-hundred years, and as new as today.



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Natural Handmade Clay, Natural Pigment


7" Diameter | 2" H