Contemporary Band with Patina


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The youngest working member of a noted jewelry dynasty, Mark is a prize-winning silversmith.

His style is contemporary, with traditional elements and inspiration; “transitional traditional” he calls it.

In an interesting side note, Mark is named after his grandfather, who was one of the original Navajo Code Talkers of World War II, credited with creating a Navajo-based code that the enemy in the Pacific never broke.

This dramatic band demonstrates his creative, personal style in a graphic, unique design.

The broad silver band has been lightly chiseled into a series of rectangles, varied in width and shape.

Some are straight and some are tapered and wider.

The base silver has been darkened to a graphite black, and a few of the chiseled lines remain just that – incised lines in the dark background.

Others are given a chemical patina that looks like bronze, which contrasts marvelously with the night-dark silver.

The design might refer to rain, an age-old good-luck symbol; in any case, the result is geometric, strikingly modern and chic.

This band is a real statement of contemporary taste, and appreciation of daringly different, beautifully executed and creative design.

It looks great on men, as well as women.

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