Contemporary Agate Pendant


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Showcasing both traditional and non-traditional materials, unique designs and innovative techniques, Carlton Jamon continually experiments with each handcrafted piece to incorporate his own personal style and creativity.

His work has been rewarded with many prizes and many collectors. He is one of several jewelers who have gone far beyond the usual lapidary work that once characterized Zuni jewelry,

Carlton works hard to create small sculptures that can be worn. This striking pendant is an example.

The outstanding feature is the beautifully tapered oval agate that is the central element.

Together with the silver domes at each side, and the circular silver form that holds it at the top, the piece is a brilliant combination of curves.

The coloration of the stone is unusual and unusually beautiful, ranging from highly figured russets, darks and accents of red, over most of the stone, to a swath of luminous pastel at the bottom right.

The effect is almost that of a close-up of a planet in space. All the colors are entirely natural.

An extraordinary stone coupled with meticulous silver work that complements it beautifully, in a minimalist design of almost Asian sensibility.

This piece is truly one-of-a-kind, employing serene artistry and expertise to create a splendidly tranquil and radiant pendant.














Sterling Silver, Natural Montana Agate

Width: 1 3/8″ Height: 3 5/8″ Depth: 3/8″