Contemporaray Sculptural Pendant


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Victor Masayesva is Hopi, and deeply committed to his cultural and spiritual traditions. He is so talented, that he is acclaimed for his photography, books and films, as well as jewelry. We feel fortunate to have one piece of this busy artist’s work, and one that is so unusual.In this four-sided, sculptural pendant, the artist has abstracted an iconic, ancient good-luck symbol and created a sleekly contemporary piece. The stepped edges are symbols for rainfall, a great blessing, and also for the steps of the kiva – the sacred space where ceremonial Pueblo business is done. The little cut-out squares are like windows, so the simple tapered form might evoke Pueblo dwellings, as well.Gleaming silver is unembellished with anything other than its natural, smooth and shiny surface. The rounded bail is large enough to slip over silver beads, heishi, or other necklaces. Perfectly formed and finished, this artistic pendant is like none other.

Sterling Silver

Width: 5/8″ Height: 3 1/8″ Depth: 1/2″