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Colorful Escher-Design Bracelet


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Breathtaking, is the only word that describes this unbelievable bracelet!

Tsos is a meticulous artist who produces relatively few pieces; he creates marvels of inlay that are also rare in their precision, beauty, comfort, and overall quality.

He calls himself the “Original Stoneweaver”, but this bracelet exceeds that simple statement.

Inspired by the mathematical drawings by the Dutch artist Escher, this remarkable jeweler has transformed two-dimensional black and white imagery to a spectacular array of colorful inlaid stones.

The beautiful hues run the gamut from pale to dark, bright to muted, expected and uncommon, in a carefully curated arrangement of complementary colors.

These interact so that each color intensifies its neighbors.

The variety of stones creates a rainbow of unusual but subtle shades.

Despite the luminosity of mother of pearl, the clear red of coral, etc., the overall effect is rich as a tapestry.

The fool-the-eye design of smooth stones looks like an arrangement of three-dimensional cubes; the edges of polished silver add a contrasting sparkle.

Assembled with as much skill as artistry, this extraordinary bracelet is a superb example of both.

Tsos’ work is restrained in quantity and always different, so you won’t see this incredibly splendid bracelet on every arm.

Dazzle the world, with this exceptional artist’s exceptional bracelet.


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Inlaid Natural Sugilite, Inlaid Natural Turquoise, Natural Jet, Natural Lapis, Natural Malachite, Natural Mother of Pearl, Natural Opal, Natural Red and Pink Coral, Natural Serpentine, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell

Cuff Size

5 7/8"

Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

7 1/8"


1 1/4"