Collaborative Water Creature Vase with Copper


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Spectacular in appearance and technique, this is a collaboration between a son of Glendora Fragua, and his celebrated mama.

Andres Daubs has pottery chops galore: son also of the late Dennis Daubs, grandson of Juanita Fragua, and related to many other fine potters, this new-generation pottery artist has developed his own, wonderful style.

He has added the use of gleaming copper paint to add a blazing wow-factor to this fabulous little jar. On a stone-polished black base of natural clay, he has scratched out a complex design of turtles, fish, river, lightning, wind, and rain clouds.

Circles represent both bubbles and raindrops, and the rim is decorated with an undulating band that forms curls of waves.

Water is, of course, precious in the high desert, so the decoration on this jar refers to very good luck.

A flower form, at the top on one side, may also represent the sun, to balance all that water. Or, it is a flower, symbol of what results from enough water?

Each fish and turtle is carefully decorated with a variety of patterns. All the decorative elements range from brown, to russet, to warm beige (the actual color of the base clay), with flashing accents of copper.

With decorative forms that are wonderfully varied: angular, zig-zag, square, circular and curved, there is energy and movement, but it remains harmonious.

Copper paint brings out the palette of earthy colors, and adds glittering warmth to the matte elements, against the muted gleam of the burnished black background.

Two creative sets of hands are better than one, evidently.

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