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Coiled Copper and Silver Ring


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Created by a couple from a Navajo enclave near Albuquerque, this ring is a fabulous example of handsome, inventive work for a surprisingly modest price.

They use heavy-gauge copper as the base, with beautifully stamped silver for contrast.

Warmly glowing copper, together with the applied silver band, results in a fire-and-ice look.

In addition to the esthetic pleasure of contrasting, burnished copper and textured, but glistening, silver, this handsome ring has an inspired design.

A continuous coil winds around your finger, creating a double striped effect that is actually somewhat adjustable!

So, if you want to switch fingers, or your favorite finger gets thinner in cold weather, for instance, just adjust this beauty, to fit.

But don’t do this too often, or you might risk metal fatigue (another word for weakening, and eventual breakage).

Beautiful to the eye, comfortable to wear, and deceptively affordable, this ring is a wonderful find.

And makes a handsome duo with the artists’ matching bracelets.

Additional information


Copper, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

Adjustable 6 1/2


Face is 3/4" W | Single shank is 3/8" W