Cobalt Glazed Jar With Bear


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Randall Blaze is a Plains artist with an impressive reputation for his art and community service, both.

He has won numerous awards for his non-traditional pottery, all over the country, including Santa Fe Indian Market.

Now residing in his home state of South Dakota, his Oglala Art Center brings art to schools and adults across the state, Native and non-Native alike.

This wonderful example of his pottery is striking in its size, rotundity and brilliant cobalt blue color.

The satiny surface of the globular form is interrupted on two sides, top and bottom by flat, angular, irregular forms that seem to enclose the round body.

A hand-sculpted, cast bronze bear contrasts in material and color, and serves as the handle for the lid.

Beautifully formed, the glaze is flawlessly smooth, and the applied irregular “frame” relates to the rocky ledge the bronze bear stands on.

A little bit contemporary, with a touch of Japanese pottery echoes and a traditional symbol of protection and power on top, this is a dramatic, yet restful, major piece by a ground-breaking artist.



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