Cobalt Buffalo Olla

Randall Blaze


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Randall Blaze is a Plains artist with an impressive reputation for his art and community service, both.

He has won numerous awards for his non-traditional pottery, all over the country, including Santa Fe Indian Market.

Now residing in his home state of South Dakota, his Oglala Art Center brings art to schools and adults across the state, Native and non-Native alike.

This wonderful example of his pottery is striking in its size, rotundity, brilliant cobalt blue color, and depictions of the majestic buffalo, Icon of the Plains.

The satiny surface of the globular form is interrupted on four sides by unglazed carvings of the buffalo.

Beautifully formed, the glaze is flawlessly smooth, except for the unglazed, red clay buffalo, areas.

Incised, swirling lines  rise from petroglyph-like figures of hunters, placed between each buffalo vignette.

Covered by the midnight blue glaze, these are less obvious than the buffalo motifs.

These cloud-like emanations bring the eye to four eagles in flight, toward the top of the piece. Eagles are sacred, and bring prayers up to the spirit(s) in heaven.

Tiny, iridescent glass beads ring the rim of the olla, like stars in the sky.

Non-traditional in materials, this dramatic, yet serene, pot is firmly traditional in its elements and message.

This is an impressive, majestic piece by a ground-breaking artist.


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