“Cloud-Finished” Olla


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Constantly searching and experimenting, the highly reputed artist alludes to tradition in his work but hardly ever creates the expected.

In fact, he is creating some new traditions, as in the carbon trap technique used in this olla.

The luminous background, subtly mottled in soft colors, is a refinement of a firing “accident”!

Once the potter noticed the interesting result from some grease intruding into the firing process, he began to do it deliberately.

Now perfected, this technique emphasizes the globular, yet organic, shape of the piece with misty, cloud-like patterns.

The subtle palette of warm, pale golds and soft greys combines with the white clay for a serene and sophisticated look.

Traditionally created, of hand-gathered, -coiled, -smoothed, etc., Zuni clay, this round bowl has a free-form top.

It radiates a zen-like, serene presence that is beautifully contemporary in looks, yet faithful to the past in materials and fabrication.


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Natural Handmade Clay, Oil


5 3/8" H x 7 3/4" diameter