Cloud and Feather Bowl

Jean Sahmie


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Jean is one of the famed Namingha/Nampeyo family, which includes some of the most celebrated potters and artists of Hopi.

She credits her grandmother, Rachel Namingha, for influencing her award-winning work, spiritually and artistically.

This bowl typifies her pieces; traditional in execution, materials, and motifs, yet somehow so strong and graphic as to look modern.

The impeccable painting emphasizes the form of the bowl, just as in all the finest pieces.

A varied pattern of feathers and other traditional symbols animates the bottom two-thirds of the bowl, visually anchored by the wide band of angular rain clouds that march around the top.

The extensive use of wild spinach-derived black pigment contrasts with the mellow honeyed hue of the base; a couple of bright red accents add unexpected vibrancy.

Notice the lovely smooth finish to the rim, and the interior.

This bowl is meticulous in every way, from the hand gathered and mixed clay to the coiling and smoothing, the stone burnish, and the painting.

A bowl of modest size, but assertively handsome design, by a well-known name in pottery.

It is signed with the artist’s Hopi name, Sak’Honsee, and a cornstalk, symbol of her Corn clan.


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