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Clay Angel with Lute


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One of this renowned artist’s charmingly naive figures, that are nonetheless carefully crafted and finished. Clay “dolls” are a historic tradition at this pueblo, going back to the mid-nineteeth century, and a prize-winning Ortiz family tradition, as well. Janice prefers to focus on traditional subjects and designs.This angel is a creative representation of an Indian maiden, with beautifully formed braids and good-luck rain signs edging her apron. Like all good angels, she is producing heavenly music – but from a lute, not a harp! Her lovely expression is serene and soothing, totally absorbed in her music.The colors are natural clay slip (red ) and boiled wild spinach paint (black). As seen in the smaller photo, she is hand-coiled, of natural, hand-made clay, hand-painted, and pit fired. Janice has won countless ribbons for her wonderful figures. This angel especially appealing!

Natural Handmade Clay and Pigments

9 1/4″ H x 4 5/8″ W x 3 3/4″ L