Classic Vintage Watchband Cuff

Unknown Artist


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Forget the Rolexes and the Piagets; you can enjoy a proudly distinctive watch for a pittance, with this blast from the past. Emerging from the recesses of our shelves, this sterling watch bracelet was fashioned in the 1970’s, or even earlier. The silver is sturdy; the stones large and natural (probably worth as much as the whole piece!). The effect is rugged and even archaic – a medieval nobleman could have boasted of a piece like this. Stamp work, silver nuggets, hand cut bezels and a couple of feathery fans to disguise the clamps for the watch, comprise the array of silver work. Sky-blue turquoise and deep red coral form the classic pairing of the natural stones: heaven and earth handsomely symbolized. Just take this cuff and a watch that fits*** the space to a jeweler, they will clamp it safely into the center, and voila – you have a truly unique watchband of real silver, and real stones.***Or, take the cuff to a jeweler and let them find a watch that fits – and put it in.


Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise, Natural Coral


Total Size: 6 5/8″ Cuff Size: 5 1/4″ Gap Size: 1 3/8″ Width: 1″