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Classic Turquoise Dangles


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These are classic, Navajo-style turquoise dangles – except they are way more shapely and delicate than their forebears.

This noted husband and wife team are known for interweaving the traditional and the modern, resulting in pieces that are simply elegant, but informal enough to wear every day, as well as into the evening.

These earrings are beautifully designed to keep the look graceful and flattering, whereas the old ones, of original inspiration, were just large, meant to impress with size alone.

Here, elongated ovals of soft green turquoise (almost certainly Royston) are joined at a wasp-waist, decorated with a pair of tiny, fluted silver beads.

These little silver accents add a touch of glistening texture and emphasize the pleasing form of the earrings.

The lovely shapes of the stones almost resemble drops of water – which would be a sign of very good luck for the Navajo – but also create a visual lightness that is very pretty.

Many subtle touches of toast-brown matrix swirl through the gentle green of the stones.

In the top stones, the matrix is a bit more assertive, which adds even more interest.

Encased in plain silver, these dangles are feminine, graceful, well-made, and flattering.

They also show off beautiful turquoise in a gentle, warm shade of green that blondes, light browns, and redheads will especially welcome.

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Royston Turquoise., Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 5/8" W