Classic Turquoise Cluster Pin/Pendant

Lorraine Waatsa


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Lorraine Waatsa’s cluster work is exemplary; the daughter of Alice Quam, she learned from the best.

This stunning cluster pin/pendant is a perfect example of her fine, Zuni lapidary work, added to the delightfully decorative design.

Carefully shaped individual ovals, and tiny rounds, of gloriously blue, natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise are each set in a minuscule bezel of sterling silver.

Wherever you wear this pin/pendant, the brilliant blue turquoise will carry the radiant skies of New Mexico with you.

Each oval on the outer border is separated by a little silver dome, on one side, and a border of twisted silver wire on the other.

The center cluster comprises small oval stones grouped around a round turquoise, like flower petals.

Between the two sets of exquisitely worked turquoise, dances a pretty garland of rounded silver “commas” with a teeny little turquoise dot at the intersections.

Another circlet of twisted silver wire surrounds the center cluster, so the whole design is integrated – silver and turquoise dots and silver wire in each section.

The inner curve of each silver comma is cut out, so whatever color you pin or hang this on will show through and emphasize the petal-like design.

Expert workmanship joins beautiful design in this classic cluster piece; the delicacy and grace of the design give it an enchantingly modern twist.

And it is so handsomely versatile, you will want to wear it as a pin and/or a pendant, very often.

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