Classic Stamped Concho Bolo

Pete Johnson


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Mentored by his relatives Jennifer Curtis, and the late Thomas Curtis, Pete continues the family’s award-winning reputation for immaculately precise stamp work.

This bolo demonstrates his skill with breathtaking beauty of design, and a choice stone, as well.

The stamping and chiseling are incredibly accurate and regular, emphasizing the circular shape of the silver.

Standing high and proud in the center of the circle, is a fine, natural turquoise.

Cut into a square, with clearly defined corners, this lovely stone is of the highest quality. The color is a delicious aqua blue.

The turquoise is held by a simple, tall bezel of polished silver, with boldly chiseled notches.

The square stone, set above a concentric pattern of circles, stops the eye, and adds a pleasing contrast to the bolo’s roundness.

Etched feathers, in a slightly oval pattern, sit below the stone.

Their linear separations and rounded edges are framed by a narrow edge of plain, polished silver.

Next is an astoundingly regular and clear band of stamped forms.

With a tiny row of “teeth” below each one, the effect is textured – a handsome contrast.

This, too, is edged by a narrow frame of polished, plain silver.

This entire centerpiece is slightly convex, and raised. The border of the bolo is flat, in subtle contrast.

Echoing the stylized feathers around the turquoise, the border is in a larger scale but similarly linear, with rounded edges.

The bolo is cut along the edges of these feather motifs, so the whole bolo has a scalloped silhouette.

In contrast to the richness of pattern in the rest of the piece, this creates an area of simple, brilliant polish that rests the eye.

Cylinders, with just a chiseled band of lines toward the tops, form the tips.

Every part of this classic, stunning bolo is of an equally high quality: the hand braided leather cord lies flat around the neck, for comfort and smooth collars.

In this timeless bolo, stamp work, executed with amazing finesse and exactitude, is matched by a expert sense of design and a superior, natural turquoise.




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