Classic Stamped Bolo

Elroy Chavez


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This is the style usually envisioned when hearing “Bolo”, but there is nothing usual about the form, the workmanship, or the center turquoise.

Not a round circle, but an elegant oval, the silver is deeply and precisely stamped in a balanced and pleasing design, with a truly splendid, natural Morenci turquoise in the center.

The design consists of concentric rings of tightly spaced, similar, but subtly different, stamps, each placed one by one, by hand.

Around the edge, each scallop is filled in with an amazingly regular series of little stamps.

The polished edges of the scallops gleam against the darkened base silver; the stamp designs provide texture.

Another, slender band of plain, polished silver divides each concentric row of stamp work, culminating in an oval center, overlaid with elongated, pointed forms that  fan gracefully around the gorgeous turquoise.

These stylized, tapered forms resemble feathers, or sun rays. They are also unadorned, so glisten in the light.

The natural turquoise sits high, with a twisted silver rope at its base.

The design seems simple, but is artfully arranged: the curved stamps face away from each other, in each successive circle, and the center shapes break up the circularity of the overall pattern.

Unadorned silver shines against the dark background, which also emphasizes each little stamp, produced with marvelous clarity.

Simple tips leave all eyes on the remarkable stamped design, and that glorious stone.

A classic form, with unusually fine stamp work, design, and turquoise. A really fine buy.

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