Classic Rug Pattern Bracelet


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On a broad length of heavy-gauge silver, this veteran artist overlaid an intricate design reminiscent of traditional Navajo rug motifs.

With this pattern, he honors both his mother, who was a rug-weaver and his silversmith father.

This bracelet exhibits both his artistic and technical abilities, rather spectacularly.

Heavy gauge silver has four different degrees of light and dark: the matte black of the base silver, the textured but un-darkened silver areas, the minutely chiseled outlines that emulate the texture of wool yarn, and the highly polished edges and outlines in the design.

Master of the tedious, demanding, overlay technique, the artist has combined texture, polish, and a graphic play of light, bright and darkened silver to create this striking rug pattern design. It is remarkably beautiful and fabricated with remarkable skill.

The borders are rounded a bit and gleam in the light. On the interior, plain, polished silver slips like over your arm like satin.

This splendid bracelet is a lasting tribute to both the artist’s parents, created with outstanding expertise and artistry.

They would be very proud and pleased; just as you will be, when wearing this tastefully magnificent bracelet, and accepting the admiring compliments.

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