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Clamshell and Turquoise Heishi


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Joe Pacheco is a veteran jeweler, highly reputed for wonderful heishi, and cut stone necklaces – a specialty of Santo Domingo Pueblo (now KeWa) for centuries.

Three strands of snow-white natural clamshell are accented with hand-cut rounded squares of turquoise.

The strands are gathered into a sinew wrap, much as the would have been for centuries.

The combination of white shell and turquoise is a fresh and attractive combination.

Each of the tiny shell disks was cut from a clamshell, cut into a little square, and then ground down into the minuscule disks you see.

In the old days, they used tree bark to shape the disks; today, Joe, at least, probably uses sandpaper.

The style of this necklace is totally traditional, except for the refinement of the heishi beads. Historically, they most likely would have been lumpier.

This is an older piece, we’ve had for some time. That explains the ridiculously low price, which is original.

Wear it alone, or layer it with other necklaces; it will always look bright and cheery.

Material- and labor-intensive, heishi is a tedious, painstaking process. this is the real McCoy, and it is both handsome, and a bargain.

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29" L, Each Strand is 1/4" Diameter