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Circular Rosarita Earrings


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Besides caring for her lively and growing family, this award-winning jeweler is celebrated for her creative and beautifully executed inlaid pieces – like these amazingly different earrings. Rosarita is a product of gold mining, and is commonly seen in a glaringly bright red. These marvelous circles are a most unusual, mysterious, deep maroon-ish hue, with a marvelous, glassy, glossy finish.


The circular shape contains an arrangement of triangular inlaid pieces that are also set in a slightly convex form, so the light reflects light moonlight. A narrow band of polished silver hold it all together, and is incised along the bottom to continue the lines of the inlay. As they dangle, they flash and twinkle darkly.

Most unusual, versatile and flattering, and sure attention-getters! (And there is an equally handsome pendant that complements these, if you like.)



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Rosarita, Sterling Silver