Circles-in-Squares Stamped Band

JJ Otero


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This gifted artist and appreciator of art is now fabricating beautiful jewelry, after long-term careers in IT and music.

Here is a handsome band, in an unusual design; full-moon circles applied in a row, with darkened silver behind them and a slender silver upright separating each circle.

The silver is a satisfying, hefty gauge, and the background silver is uniformly textured, so the band of plain circles gleams with graphic contrast.

This results in an unusually rich combination of light and dark, smooth and textured, and lustrous and matte surfaces.

With ample width, the handsome design is fully on display.

Another agreeable feature, of this understated, but striking, ring is that it is adjustable, to a certain extent.

Not easily, because the silver is sturdy, but the ring may be slightly expanded, or even reduced, in size.

The impressive width of the ring makes it fit a bit smaller than the ring size would indicate, and it looks marvelous on any finger. So don’t be concerned about the size, you will likely find a finger it fits.

Scrupulous in workmanship and splendid in design, this is a very appealing ring, for both men and women.

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