Circle of Life

Bill Dixon Jr.



Bill Dixon, Jr. is a fabulously gifted artist.

He is noted for work that ranges from album covers to the Nascar world, to abstracts, to Native themes, and landscapes.

All of them, in every genre, are hauntingly beautiful, expertly painted, and avidly collected.

He is a brother of legendary jeweler Carl Clark and exhibits the family’s prodigious talent in his own medium.

This mesmerizing still life is in the genre of the super-real; more than merely realistic.

Meticulously naturalistic, it nevertheless has a magical, through-the-looking-glass quality.

In close-up, as if the viewer were a small animal or insect, every element seems larger than life.

A round pot is shown on its side, against lush greenery, autumn leaves, and delicate flowers.

The pot is decorated with interwoven zig-zag lines, suggesting flowing water, lightning, and rain.

It seems that the pot may represent water, the source of life, which is scarce and precious in the high desert.

The blessing of water promotes the luxuriant foliage and flowers, creating beauty in every season.

Confident, precise, detailed and life-like, this painting demonstrates the artist’s mastery of his medium.

The colors are radiant, contrasting with the subdued charcoal hue of the pot, and the dark, indistinct background.

The extraordinary use of light and shadow, produces the sense of three dimensions, with leaves and flowers seeming to float in space, against the green leaves that blanket the canvas.

The rounded olla hovers in front of the plant life, except for one delicate lavender flower, at the top, whose petals overlap the edge of the pot.

That is another assured artist’s touch creating the appearance of three dimensions.

Realism and surrealism, still-life and plant-life, combined with superb skill, form a mysteriously powerful, gorgeous, painting.

Framed by the artist; ready to hang and enjoy (you may also change the frame to suit your taste).

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